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Weird day. - Tom's Journal
Tom's Journal
Weird day.
Today was weird. I woke up this morning dreaming. I don't remember what it was about the first time around, but then I went back to sleep. I went back to sleep then was dreaming again when I woke up. This time around, I remembered. I was dreaming about being with the family. Grandma Rowley was there with us and we were playing cards. I got mad when I lost and threw down my cards. (Just like I used to do a long time ago.) The other weird part of the day was mom called during the meeting. She left a voice mail when I didn't answer the phone. There seemed to be some concern in her voice when I listened to it. I tried to caller her back and it was busy followed by two RNAs. Come to find out, they were gone and she had some problems with their DSL.

I was a little late getting into the office. We went on into the WOT operations meeting. After the meeting, i t was back to the office for a while. Paul and I took off for our newest pop. (We had some issues to work out.) After that, we headed back up to the office. After some short work on email and talking, we took off.

Chris, Dan, Paul and I headed over to Saham's (after taking care of the dogs) for dinner. I ate more then I really should have, but had a light lunch and goldfish for breakfast. So, I was bad.. but not that bad. So, we'll have to see if we lose weight - probably not though. We talked about some plans for different things at the office. After dinner, we headed back to Paul and Katie's. Short dog walk and then down to the basement.

I'm back here at the house, watching The Simpson's relaxing and getting ready for bed.

Oh - I did call the University of Phoenix. My credits from ITT will transfer over there. I did check with IUPUI, and they don't take transfers from UofP or ITT. Makes me wonder about the credits from UofP - will they be worth anything? Could they be transfered anywhere? So, I'm going to talk with IUPUI about going back there. I guess I also need to figure out an eventual goal for learning. Is it just a BS to be able to get a decent job? or do I want to go further? Actually, I can answer that one: I want to go further. So, I guess that answers that question. We'll see what IUPUI has to say tomorrow.

This episode of the Simpson's is hilarious. So many little jokes here and there. Oh well.. 20 minutes of laughter and then it's off to bed.

Current Mood: good good
Current Music: The Simpson's - Who shot Mr. Bruns