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T-minus 24 and counting. - Tom's Journal
Tom's Journal
T-minus 24 and counting.
It's been a while since I've updated. Problem is nothing interesting ever happens. (I know, that's my fault.) This'll give me something to write about for a while anyway.

I'm going to give myself 6 hours of free time every day for my birthday. It also sounds like a fun experiment - Polyphasic Sleep. (Wikipedia - also there's plenty of information on the Internet about it.) Quick basic info - I'll be sleeping 20 minutes out of every 4 hours from now on. That means about 2 hours of sleep per day.

The 'normal' procedure is to pick a day and just switch. Everyone reports it as hell week. I'm going to take the week after my birthday as vacation. (I'll still work and make it back as comp time. This will allow me to work as I want to, when I feel up to it.) Since I don't like to wait for anything, I'm going to start slowly now. I'm wondering if that'll make hell week any easier?

In fact, I started yesterday with a single nap. Today, I did make all my naps - and within an hour of when I was supposed to. The first nap today was kind weird - sleeping in the middle of the work and all. (Don't worry I'll make up the time..) I made it to sleep, but wasn't dreaming. (Would like to dream before hell week..)

The 6:00p nap when I got home went well.. again, made it to sleep but no dreams. The 9:00p nap went really good.. no dreaming, but did make it to sleep for quite a while. When I woke up from the 9:00p nap (from the alarm..) I really didn't want to get up. (One of the points from the net that I've read is get up right away or you risk over sleeping.) I got up when the washer finished so I could move things around.

The thing that struck me to day was how short it was between each nap. Seemed like I was going back to bed right after I had gotten up. I'm looking forward to how everything I've read says that days run into each other and you lose the concept of a day.

Oh.. I also made my bed today. What I thought about was weird.. if all goes according to plan, I'll not have a bed to make in October. (Will be declared a success in 6 months.. if it works that long.)

Oh well.. off to watch Corpse Bride.

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