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SUCCESS! - Tom's Journal
Tom's Journal
Or at least I'm calling it that. When I started this, I expected having to take a week off work to jump to polyphasic sleep all at once. However, I had an apifany one morning a while ago - this is a lifestyle change. So, start with the naps now.

That was a couple of weeks ago. Before I started this, I was averaging around 7-8 hours of sleep per night. There were times during the day (more days than not..) that I was tired, really tired. After I started with the naps every 4 hours, I didn't feel as tired during the day or at night. I ended up moving back to about 6-6.5 hours of sleep per day.

I did that for a week or so.. and then Saturday happened. I decided to move to 4 hours of what's called core sleep. (Basically.. one large nap of 4 hours - usually during the night in place of normal sleep.) I did that, then we headed down to Louisville to look at motorcycles. I drove down and back. I was a little worried by that, but it worked out ok. Suprisingly I really wasn't tired during the day, that is until we got back to Paul and Katie's. Then, like a lightswitch it hit me.. headache and my stomach wasn't quite right. I was TIRED.

We took off to see Elmo with Andy. I managed to drift in and out of sleep on the drive from Fishers to the Murat. After that 20 minutes of sleep I was amazed - completely refreshed. We went to Ball Park Pizza after the show and then back up to Paul and Katies no longer even thinking about sleep. Basically, I went the whole day with about 4.5 hours of sleep. Problem was.. I was beat, and not doing well when we got back. I ended up sleeping over my next nap and ended up with about 10 hours of sleep on Sunday. (I woke up, but chose not to get up.. and fell back asleep.)

Monday and Tuesday I ended up back at the 6 hours (4 of that was core) of sleep for the day. That went great, not tired at all.. Then today (after reading the uberman group archives on Yahoo..) I moved to 3 hours of core sleep. I wasn't sure what to expect, but went ahead with it. I took my naps at 1 (3 hours core), 5a, 9a, 1p, 5p, 9p and now I'm waiting for my 1a (core) nap. All day today, I wasn't at all tired. At no point was I thinking I need a nap.. like I used to when sleeping monophasicaly. There was ONE point today (right before my 1p nap..) that I closed my eyes and thought I could really sleep. It was naptime.. so I did.

SO.. bottom line here's why I call it a success even if I never go any further.. At 6 hours of sleep per day, that's 2 extra hours of spare time. I can do 6 hours with absolutely NO effort at all.. and the best part is that I'm wide awake the whole day. Instead of running up and down the scale throught the long day (wide awake and full of energy in the morning and tired ready for bed at night..) I'm now wide awake the whole day.. None of this tired and getting ready for bed stuff.

Moving to 3 hours core sleep (total 4.5 hours per day..) hasn't been at all difficult either. Like I said, I wasn't at all tired today at all (very different than the other saturday.) It's 12:23pm right now, and I'm about to head off for my 1a (core sleep) nap - I'm ready for it, but I don't NEED it. I think I could go on with a 25 minute nap - no problem.

SO.. the plan is, to do 3 hours core sleep over the weekend and move to 1.5 hours core on Monday. (BTW - 3 hours and 1.5 hours are those times because they match up with the 90 minute REM cycles of normal sleep.) Then I'll do 1.5 hours all next week and when I don't have to worry about work any more (I'll make up some comp time during the week and take Thrurs (poss?) and Friday off..) I'll drop the 1.5 hours of core and go fully polyphasic. From what I've seen so far, I don't think this will be at all difficult.

Ok.. now the down side. Talked briefly with Katie tonight, and she brought up the only real problem or issue that I can come up with. The schedule isn't practical. I don't see it as that big of an issue.. so far, I've not had problems with naps. (If I drive on the Southern Honda trip, someone will cover for me 30 minutes every 4 hours - I'll be fully polyphasic by then.) It's something to think about, but not that big of an issue. (I don't seem to have any problem shifting naps by a couple of hours.. we'll see how that continues.)

The other thing to mention is side effects. I've read about a few.. but really only experienced one. When I read about it, I thought WTF? It was completely un-epxected. Lately I've become very sensitive to cold at night. I've had to turn the thermostat up (normally it's 66 during sleeping hours.. but even the 68 of evening is too cold.) I now keep it at 70 degrees when I'm here. I had the shower cranked WAY up this morning just to feel comfortable. Was weird.

Some other observations.. twice now, I've gotten up (from core sleep..) and it's still dark out. This moring was amplified because I watched the sunrise out my office window. It was just really weird to have showered, made a few stops on the way into work, worked for a while.. then see the sun come up without being tired or ready for bed. I'm looking forward to what I've read about losing the definition of a day.

I've gotten more done in the last couple of days on some of my personal projects than I have in the last few YEARS. Today for instance, I was up at 4:00a, at work by 6:00a. I left work at 3:00p, stopped by Fry's. When I got home, I put some memory in a computer and started a CentOS install. As that was finishing, I took my 5:00p nap. Katie called shortly after I woke up and I went over for dinner and to play with Andy. When I got back, I went back to that computer. I finished up the install, cleaned things up, put the case back together.. Now, I'm posting a new LJ entry.. and about to head off to bed.

Another thing that I'm looking forward to.. and I'm starting to feel it - I'm more relaxed. For instance - I used to get things to 90% and move to something else because I felt I didn't have time. It was working, but there was some clean up to finish with... Well, lately I've felt relaxed and able to put in the last 10% without feeling like I need to hurry and get onto something else.

Ok.. enough for now. Time to watch a few more minutes of Who's Line and then it's off to sleeply land.

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