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More Czech stuff! - Tom's Journal
Tom's Journal
More Czech stuff!
Saturday and Sunday.. Terry and I decided to go get beds on Saturday.  For the most part, it was fun.  We had lunch at Septime before leaving, as always it was good.  Paul and Petra helped us find the right bus to Cerny Most and the IKEA store.  The bus dropped us off at a subway/bus station in Cerny Most.  From there we took the IKEA bus (they have a bus that goes from the main subway station to the store.)

We looked around the store and made it to beds (it's got a path that goes thru the store.)   We spent a couple of hours there decding on beds.  Luckily they had one woman there that did speak a little english.  :)  After talking with her, looking many things up on google translator.. and converting and adding we found a couple of beds.  The whole group (dresser, bedside table, slats and mattress) was about 22k.  We thought about getting smaller beds, but decided against it.  (They use two single mattresses instead of one large one.  This makes the bigger bed almost twice as expensive.)

We had wanted to get two mattresses back to the apartment and were going to have the rest of the beds delivered.  (We had made arrangements with Paul and Petra to pick us up after we had shopped.)  Terry and I were picturing tying the mattresses to the roof of the car and all kinds of other nightmares.  This wasn't the case though.. we found that they sell mattresses (at least the foam ones that we bought..) rolled up.  So we had two 90cm rolls that easily fit in the back of Zora's car.  I was impressed.  We also looked and the rest of the furnature should fit when we go back to do the final order for the bed.

After all that (but before we left,) we walked thru the rest of the store.  We got sheets, plates, glasses.. all the other stuff.  All of it fit in the car for the drive back.

We met Zora there at Ikea then the 5 of us fit into a little car and drove back to Podebrady.  We stopped on the way at Septime's for dinner.  I had a VERY good cesar salad (with bacon and chicken.. YUM!)  We talked for a while then walked back to the house.

When we got here, I crashed.  I was tired.

Sunday when I got up, I showered then headed off for the market.  I went back up to Alberts (instead of the corner grocery store.. they've got more and probably cheaper..)  I got dish washing liquid and some other cleaning stuff.. (moving is going to suck - BTW.)  I got one of my favorite "european" breakfasts - baguet bread, siwss cheese and ham.  (and 3 cokes.. which were the most expensive things I bought.. :)

As I was walking thru the store puttin things in the basket, I had to think how much I was spending.  (I only have 500 crowns with me and wasn't too sure about the whole credit card thing.)  How do you explain the whole "I don't have enough money.." when you don't speak the language.  When I got done, I used my back pack (brought just for this purpous..) to carry every thing back to the apartment.

On the way back, I decided to walk down the Kolanad - they had a orchestra playing and a couple of peole singing.  Since I was close to the Bancomat, I stopped to get some money.

When I got back to the apartment, I washed all the stuff we bought yesterday and put it all away.  I laid down and took a short nap, now I'm trying to decide what to do.  I'll probably head over to the office and jump on the Internet for a few.. then it'll be time to consider dinner.

Things that still need to be resolved:

Internet in the Apartment
Finger nail cippers
Power adaptors (so I can plug things in.  :)

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