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About to leave the Czech Republic.. - Tom's Journal
Tom's Journal
About to leave the Czech Republic..
Hum.. where was I?  Recording's been a little tough lately, last week was really busy.  I've done what I was brought over here to do.. we've turned up our first customer.  YAY!  It went better than any other lunch I've ever done.. :)  The servers never went over about 10% load.. the SQL server (our main concern.. ) never went over about 2-3% load.  We were only shoving out about 1/2 a meg or so during peak.. all is looking VERY good.

Oh.. yeah.. go to www.jessops.com and click on "Camera Selector".  That's us.  :)

Now, on to the more important things.  :)   Most of last week was work, but at 5:00p pretty much everybody is done.  (There seems to be a very definate line between work time and non-work time.)

I don't remember there being anything last week that is worthy of writing about.. it was all work, then going out to dinner.. then sleeping and doing it all over again.

I guess the one thing of note.. we got our Internet on Wednesday of this week.  So, hopefully.. it should be easer for me to post and talk with everybody on-line.  (I'll be getting home about the time you guys get up. :)

One thing that did happen at work.. I finally got hired.  :)  Josh, Terry and I sat down and talked about it.  He's going to send me a formal offer letter in the next few days, and I've already informally accepted the offer.

How could I forget about this stuff.. Terry and I now own Dana Soft - a Czech SRO that does software development.  (Met with the lawyers the day before yesterday to finish that up.)  I also opened up a Czech Account.. (get it.. a bank acount.. :)  And.. we talked with the VISA lady.. (Visa as in travel documents.. :)  When I get back, I'll have to apply for a long term Visa so I can stay in the country (and the rest of Europe!) for up to a year - at which time it can be renewed.

Last night, Terry and I did the tourist thing around town.  (I've not taken hardly any pictures here yet and I'm leaving tomorrwow - Sunday - for Berlin and the US.  (Then I'll come back here in about 3 weeks after that.)

They Gallery has been updated.. look in "Places".  (Can't really call it a vacation as I have been and shall be working.. :)  I've also put up pictures of the glorious apple pie.  :)  (Probably stop by McDonald's once more before we leave.  That'll only make 3 meals at McDonald's while I was over here.  Thankfully, it's not in walking distance.  :)  http://www.sneaky.net/gallery2

We went over to the programmers apartment last night for dinner again.  VERY tasty.  Mark is a good cook.  After that, we just sat around and talked.

Now, it's time to shower.. go get the car.. then drive around the area for a while.  Tomorrow, it's a lazy drive up to Berlin.. we'll stay the night and I'll take off Monday morning