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Tom's Journal

Tom's Journal

Tom Neville
I was born, raised, and lived all but ~3 months of my life here in the Indianapolis area. From 6th grade to 10th grade, I lived in Fountaintown, IN. Then we moved to the Avalon Hills area, where I attended Lawrence Cetral High School.

After high school, I moved on to ITT Technical Institute where I studed Electronics Engineering Technology. (Yeah, mostly worthless in my current career.) However, I got my first job in computers there, working on Commodore 64 computers.

The 3 months that I didn't live in Indy, I was in Dallas, TX. I was working for Texas Instruments. (Hired directly out of ITT.) Believe it or not, I was actually fired. (Not suprising, I think I intimidated alot of people there.. )

For the last 9 years, I've been working for a local Internet Service provider.

Pretty boring life.. huh?