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Tom's Journal
Tom's Journal
Hum.. where was I?  Recording's been a little tough lately, last week was really busy.  I've done what I was brought over here to do.. we've turned up our first customer.  YAY!  It went better than any other lunch I've ever done.. :)  The servers never went over about 10% load.. the SQL server (our main concern.. ) never went over about 2-3% load.  We were only shoving out about 1/2 a meg or so during peak.. all is looking VERY good.

Oh.. yeah.. go to www.jessops.com and click on "Camera Selector".  That's us.  :)

Now, on to the more important things.  :)   Most of last week was work, but at 5:00p pretty much everybody is done.  (There seems to be a very definate line between work time and non-work time.)

I don't remember there being anything last week that is worthy of writing about.. it was all work, then going out to dinner.. then sleeping and doing it all over again.

I guess the one thing of note.. we got our Internet on Wednesday of this week.  So, hopefully.. it should be easer for me to post and talk with everybody on-line.  (I'll be getting home about the time you guys get up. :)

One thing that did happen at work.. I finally got hired.  :)  Josh, Terry and I sat down and talked about it.  He's going to send me a formal offer letter in the next few days, and I've already informally accepted the offer.

How could I forget about this stuff.. Terry and I now own Dana Soft - a Czech SRO that does software development.  (Met with the lawyers the day before yesterday to finish that up.)  I also opened up a Czech Account.. (get it.. a bank acount.. :)  And.. we talked with the VISA lady.. (Visa as in travel documents.. :)  When I get back, I'll have to apply for a long term Visa so I can stay in the country (and the rest of Europe!) for up to a year - at which time it can be renewed.

Last night, Terry and I did the tourist thing around town.  (I've not taken hardly any pictures here yet and I'm leaving tomorrwow - Sunday - for Berlin and the US.  (Then I'll come back here in about 3 weeks after that.)

They Gallery has been updated.. look in "Places".  (Can't really call it a vacation as I have been and shall be working.. :)  I've also put up pictures of the glorious apple pie.  :)  (Probably stop by McDonald's once more before we leave.  That'll only make 3 meals at McDonald's while I was over here.  Thankfully, it's not in walking distance.  :)  http://www.sneaky.net/gallery2

We went over to the programmers apartment last night for dinner again.  VERY tasty.  Mark is a good cook.  After that, we just sat around and talked.

Now, it's time to shower.. go get the car.. then drive around the area for a while.  Tomorrow, it's a lazy drive up to Berlin.. we'll stay the night and I'll take off Monday morning
It's been a a while since I've updated.  Not having Internet at the apartment sucks.  It should be installed this tuesday between 2:30p-4:00p.  Should be about 4megs a second.. we'll see.  (I've heard there's only a few small conections into the city of Podebrady.  Part of the problem we're having at the office too.)

Hum.. what's been happening.  Last week, it was mostly working and going out to dinner after work.  There seems to be a very definate line between work and non-work here.  Evening and weekends seem to be no-work zones.  (Both for p-star and others.)  Some of the stores stay open a little later, but if you want something.. you'd better get it during lunch.  :)

About the only thing that doesn't follow that schedule is resturants and bars.  They tend to stay open later..

Haven't had too much problem with the language thing.  I'm picking up a few Czech phrases here and there.  I can get around (and get dinner.. :) but that's about it so far.  We start Czech language lessions on Monday.  Since I'm going back to the states on the 14th, I'll miss the next 3-4 of them though.  :(  Maybe I'll have them include me via Skype or something?

One issue I did have with language (and about the only real negative one..) was when I went to buy some salami for lunch the other day.  I got the bread, cheese and all that with no problems.  It was a bit daunting to walk up to the deli counter.. the woman didn't speak any english and seemed kinda iritated that I didn't speak Czech.  After a few minutes.. I picked out what I wanted, we figured out that I wanted 100 grams and that was that.

Since then, I've actually found it easier to deal with the lanuage thing.  I've gone to several other stores, and gotten things without speaking the language.  (We've had a few language problems with ordering food..  some good.. some bad.. )  Over all.. it's much less of an issue than I expected.

Things at the office are going well.  I've got the p-star colo in Atlanta up and going.  All the VMWare servers are up and happy.  We've built and deployed the first customer.  (YAY!)  Getting along with the guys there good.  We're spinning up an Asterisk box for phone support (Now that we have customers.. we need to support them.  :)

Talked VERY briefly with Josh about my "deal".. we'll talk more later in the week.  (Leaving to return to the states after next week.)  At this point, I don't see any reason (other than being away from family..) for not staying.

The weather last week was amazing.  (I'm  much more aware of the weather when you don't have air conditioning.. :)  The temps were for the most part in the 75-80 range or so.  I've pretty much gotten used to it.  I get hot and sweaty when I walk or move around alot..  but if I'm just sitting around or working on the computer - I'm not really uncomfortable.

What was weird.. the other night it was down in the 70-72 range.  (I used to keep the house at 68 degrees year round..) I was on the verge of being cold.  That was weird.

Hum.. Saturday.. Terry and I borrowed Zora's car.  (We were too late to get to Ikea on the bus before they closed..)  Long story short, the driving thing was mostly a non-event.  It's fsck'ing expensvie to drive over here.  We filled her car.. and ended up putting over $100 for a small tank.  (There's a picture up in my gallery - hopefully..  I'll remember to link it.  :)  Diesel was 35 crowns per liter (15 crowns per USD right now.)  Terry wants to buy a car over here.. I'm fine with that.. will be fun to go around.  (Oh.. found a new store in Nymburg that will work better with a car..)  Looks like I can drive on my passport and IN drivers license for 90 days.  After that, I need to have an International Drivers License.  (I'll get that from AAA when I get back to the states.. so I'll be ready on the next trip.)

We got dressers and a bunch of other stuff.  Couldn't find a non-fitted sheet for my bed.  Not sure WTF is up with that one?  We loaded the car up and headed back here to the apartment.  (That car was FULL.. :) When we unloaded, we returned the car and decided to walk around for a while.

Back to that in a few minutes.  First though.. we stopped by McDonald's on the drive back.  I was disappointed that I didn't get my Apple pie.  OMG.. that was amazing.. truely amazing.  The Royal was just like the old Quarter pounders.. the fries.. wow - tasted like they should - fried in lard!  And to top it off.. the glorious apple pie.  (See my gallery if I forget to link them in..)  The pie was fried like they used to do.. wow, I miss the old McDonald's.

After we put things away, we walked around for a while longer here in town.  We ended up at Septime for dessert.  We talked for a few minutes with Michael (the manager..) about how things were going and all that.  We originally wanted chocolate ice cream (very good there.. BTW) and had another language based mixup on the order.  What we ended up with was better than the chocolate ice cream.  They brought out a VERY rich vanillia ice cream topped with strawberries, pineapple and whipped cream.  Wow.. I dont' usually like fruit/berry type desserts, but this one was good.. very good.

A little while later (Did I mention that I'm learning how to relax over here? and just sit around the resturant withtout trying to figure out what's next.. or where we're going..?) the manager brought out two glasses of port.  Again, I'm not much for alcahol or very sweet wines either.. but this one was good.  It was almost like drinking grape jelly.. but it wasn't too much.  Very tasty.  I did mention to Terry on the walk back that if he'd have known us a little better.. he could have just brought out two little (yes..  they all are in resturants..) bottles of cokes and gotten the same bang for the buck.  :)

This was also the night that as we left Josh and Zora's to walk back to the aparmtent, I looked up and in between the trees saw a shooting star.

We were walking around the other night.. I was bad, very bad.  We went to the train station to look around.  There are buildings here that get every day use.. like the train station, that seem like they would be condemned in the states.  At the very least, they would change out light bulbs.. The Podebrady train station has one huge room (you can get tickets and they have benches and all that.)  We looked around for a few minutes, and I noticed that it echoed really really well.  I said something to Terry about farting.. and ended up doing that myself.  Well.. it did echo, and the couple of people that were there did give us looks.  Terry said he thought they thought we were drunk or something?One thing I did notice about the train station was that there's a mezzinine around the top with stairs.  Reminded me of Rome with the armed guards (probably millitary) that were int he same positions in the Rome airport when we left last time.  Only this one had a more omnious feeling about it?

Today (Sunday..) we hadn't really planed on doing much of anything.  We were going to head out for lunch, but Josh called and wanted to get some software at the office.  We stopped for lunch at a cafe (Illy I think?)  I had a chicken breast salad with rice.  Very tasty.  And some weird African Iced tea.  The taste was different and much more complex than the iced tea that I'm used to.. but it wasn't bad.
After lunch, we headed over to Josh's and played some racing games then it was off to Nymburg for shopping and dinner.  We stopped by Hyper mart or something like that.. and got some things.  That's the store I want to go to from now on.  Only problem is that it's about 5-10 minute drive.  (Although, you can get there by bike following the river.. but neither of us have bikes right now.)  Oh, and on the drive down we followed a motorocycle.  He was crazy.. Josh was keeping up with him (Josh is a good fast driver.. as opposed to a fast good driver.. :)  I think the bike was contiually trying to one-up us.. and finally did.  He popped a couple of wheelies which we couldn't do.

From there, it was off to dinner.  The first resturant was closed.  Apparently, that's not all that uncommon in Czech.. (closed for the day, not permantently..)  So, we ended up at an Albanian resturant.  I wasn't too sure, but went along with it.  They had taken the albanian food off the menu.. but Zora talked them into cooking it for us.  (They both know the cook..)  The cook sent out 4 dishes..  and we all shared them.  (Much better way of trying things out.. BTW.)  I had some chicken thing.. on top of fries with a mustard based sauce.. VERY tasty.  There was some stuffed pepper thing that I wasn't all that impressed with.. liked the bread with that one though.  Then there was a chicken in a creamy red sauce that was pretty good.. and lastly there was gyro meat and stuff in a pile in the middle of the plate.  That was also very tasty.  To wash it all down with, I started with a $2 .2l (6 oz..) coke.  Finished it off with a mixture of apple juice and soda water.  I've never been able to drink soda water, it reminds me too much of alka-seltzer.  However, I was able to tolerate the carbonated water in this drink to night - in fact.. it was good.  I'll probably order it again some time.  (Would be MUCH cheaper than ording cokes all the time.

One of the topics of disucssion during dinner tonight was my eating habits and how they've been completely blown out of the water on this trip.  I've tried things on this trip that I would NEVER have considered before.  I've found that I like most of them too.. I had planned for this trip to forget about all the hang ups I've got about what I like to eat - because I'm going to be here for a while.. "might as well get used to it" kind of thing.  But, it's not really been like that.. I've found that most of the things that I didn't like (or think I'd like..) are not so bad.

Some of the things I've tried since coming over here..

Chicken breast salad with corn, cucumbers, tomatos, and a bunch of other stuff.. with a light dill (I think?) dressing.  Very good..

Noodley - the groups name for the chineese place around the corner.  (Tasty, but too many onions.)

Apple Soda.. (apple juice and soda water.)

All of the albainain food tonight.. wouldn't have expected that one.

Um.. I know there's more, I just don't remember them all right now.

We ate dinner at the "Park Cafe" the other night.  Terry had some chicken in cream sauce thing.. and I had baked lasagna.  That was tasty.  We were both worn out.. I think that was friday night and we were just done with work for the week and all.  First time we'd been there.  (Found out they do breakfast too.. will have to go there some time.)

Oh.. we had dinner at Septime the other night (yeah, we eat there alot..)  It was a group of us.. it had been threating to rain all day, and finally let loose.  (We had to move from the outside to under the balcony..)  It was a good rain, no thunder and lighting..  just alot of rain.  It was obvious that we weren't going anywhere any time soon.

Terry and I have talked about buying a house over here.. it makes sense if we're going to be here for a while.  I got to thinking about it, and I'd probably keep it even after the whole p-star thing.  It would make a good vacation house.  I don't know why or what's different about this place or this time??  But it seems I can relax here..

Ok.. enough for now.. it's 3:10am here and I've gotta work later in the morning.  (I did a bad thing and fell asleep earler, so I've already napped.)
Saturday and Sunday.. Terry and I decided to go get beds on Saturday.  For the most part, it was fun.  We had lunch at Septime before leaving, as always it was good.  Paul and Petra helped us find the right bus to Cerny Most and the IKEA store.  The bus dropped us off at a subway/bus station in Cerny Most.  From there we took the IKEA bus (they have a bus that goes from the main subway station to the store.)

We looked around the store and made it to beds (it's got a path that goes thru the store.)   We spent a couple of hours there decding on beds.  Luckily they had one woman there that did speak a little english.  :)  After talking with her, looking many things up on google translator.. and converting and adding we found a couple of beds.  The whole group (dresser, bedside table, slats and mattress) was about 22k.  We thought about getting smaller beds, but decided against it.  (They use two single mattresses instead of one large one.  This makes the bigger bed almost twice as expensive.)

We had wanted to get two mattresses back to the apartment and were going to have the rest of the beds delivered.  (We had made arrangements with Paul and Petra to pick us up after we had shopped.)  Terry and I were picturing tying the mattresses to the roof of the car and all kinds of other nightmares.  This wasn't the case though.. we found that they sell mattresses (at least the foam ones that we bought..) rolled up.  So we had two 90cm rolls that easily fit in the back of Zora's car.  I was impressed.  We also looked and the rest of the furnature should fit when we go back to do the final order for the bed.

After all that (but before we left,) we walked thru the rest of the store.  We got sheets, plates, glasses.. all the other stuff.  All of it fit in the car for the drive back.

We met Zora there at Ikea then the 5 of us fit into a little car and drove back to Podebrady.  We stopped on the way at Septime's for dinner.  I had a VERY good cesar salad (with bacon and chicken.. YUM!)  We talked for a while then walked back to the house.

When we got here, I crashed.  I was tired.

Sunday when I got up, I showered then headed off for the market.  I went back up to Alberts (instead of the corner grocery store.. they've got more and probably cheaper..)  I got dish washing liquid and some other cleaning stuff.. (moving is going to suck - BTW.)  I got one of my favorite "european" breakfasts - baguet bread, siwss cheese and ham.  (and 3 cokes.. which were the most expensive things I bought.. :)

As I was walking thru the store puttin things in the basket, I had to think how much I was spending.  (I only have 500 crowns with me and wasn't too sure about the whole credit card thing.)  How do you explain the whole "I don't have enough money.." when you don't speak the language.  When I got done, I used my back pack (brought just for this purpous..) to carry every thing back to the apartment.

On the way back, I decided to walk down the Kolanad - they had a orchestra playing and a couple of peole singing.  Since I was close to the Bancomat, I stopped to get some money.

When I got back to the apartment, I washed all the stuff we bought yesterday and put it all away.  I laid down and took a short nap, now I'm trying to decide what to do.  I'll probably head over to the office and jump on the Internet for a few.. then it'll be time to consider dinner.

Things that still need to be resolved:

Internet in the Apartment
Finger nail cippers
Power adaptors (so I can plug things in.  :)

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It's nearing the end of the first week over here and I finally have some time to sit down and write up what's been happening.  This is really the first time I've had that I wasn't working or going out somewhere, or about to crash.

For those who don't know yet.. I'm over in the Czech Rebpublic interviewing for a job.  If things go well (and so far, they are..) then I will likely end up moving here for 6-9 months or longer.  I'll post more on that front when things happen.

After a rocky start, I'm beginning to relax a bit over here.  I'm not that comfortable around strangers anyway, and then adding not speaking the language it's even worse.  :)  Although, now that I think about it.. it's almost easier not knowing the language.  Just be quiet and everyone will mostly ignore you?  But, that's no fun.

The first 2 nights, I slept in an apartment over the office.  It was weird (not a good adjitive.. oh well.) and great at the same time.  Everything here in Podebrady is old - apparently there's only one new building in the city everything else is just re-constructed.  The electricity and water are mostly "add ons" to houses and such.  The view wasn't all that much to look at but it was great (again, I've failed at choosing the best adjitive.  Sigh.)  Looking out, it was like watching old war movies or something.  Hard to describe, just very.. wow.

We've had dinner several times at a resturant called Septime (I think that's how it's spelled, but it's pronounced sep-teem.)  I believe it's owned by an actor over here?  VERY good food.  (Although, I've only had a couple of pizzas.. ham, cheese, olives and mushrooms and a four cheese pizza (with no tomato sauce..))

We've also eaten at several other resturants.  All have had good food.  Yesterday, we ate at a small place just up the street.  I had a light lunch (Josh suggested it.. and thankfully ordered it.  :)  What's odd is that I would NEVER have considered eating it at home.  It was a salad with tomatos, corn, green peppers (yes.. I did eat some of them..) cucumbers chicken and a light dill ranch type dressing.  It was good, and I was suprised that I liked it.

Josh and Zora took us to a steak house the other night.  Wow, we had (Wish I could remember the czech..) "beer and steaks".  It wasn't on the menu like that, just in inside joke kind of thing.  The beer wasn't bad - first one in years.. not the last.  :)  The steak however was a top 5 steak.  It was a bacon wrapped filet, potatos and green beans.  Wow. 

On the drive there and during dinner it was raining, it was a good storm too..  after the storm the view was amazing.  The resturant, Cafe Romantica, is up on a hill and overlooks the valley.  The sun broke thru the clouds lighting up the valley under the clouds.. just amazing.  We got up between the appetizers and the main course to go out and look.  While we were out there, we inspected a bunker.  (Gun slots.. everything.) 

And the drive back was an adventure too.  Ping me some time.

One thing that I heard about Cz land before coming over here is that the beer is cheaper than water.  That is true.  So.. I've started having a beer every now and then with dinner.  Found a couple that I like..

The first morning I was here Pavlina (She's amazing!  She's able to keep up with things and so organized.  If not for her, then this wouldn't have gone so well.  :) took me to Albert's.  (A local grocery chain.)  I got some stuff spent 210 crowns and ate breakfast and lunch for a copule of days.  (That's about $14 or so.)

I think I've lost 10 pounds or more by now.  We walk EVERYWHERE.  I would bet that I spend an hour or more a day walking somewhere.  (Who'd have thought??)  Our flat is about a 11 minute walk up the Kolanad and over to the office.  There's a corner grocery store a couple of blocks up the street from our flat.  (Just got back from there getting breakfast and some toilet paper.)  Will be interesting to see how much I lose by the time I go home on the 14th (I'll likely be returning shortly after that..  to go to work.)

Like I said, Pavlina has been amazing.  Neither Terry or I speack Czech, so she's been interperter and contract reviewer and phone comany caller.. just everything.  (We need to get something for her..)  She setup 4-5 apartments for us to look at.  First one was too hot.. second was perfect (we had already setup the appointments for the rest or I wouldn't have bothered.  :)  Third one had a weird woman that would have been our landlord.  She specifically said that she would come in once a month and make sure we were cleaning good enough.  And that she'd be happy to come in and clean once a month for an extra 1000 crowns.  (The apartment we were looking at was only 10000 crowns a month.)

The one we ended up renting (second one we saw) is 5500 crowns a month plus another 1500-2000 crowns in utilities.  That's about $438 a month split between Terry and I.  And.. it's a small percentage of our monthly salary too..

We're going to Ikea here in a little while to order some furnature.  (We'll have it delivered here next week.)  BTW - It's pronounced ick-e-a, and unlike the american version, it's cheap furnature over here.  :)

Oh.. the joke from the other day - Terry opened up a bank account here.  I called it his Czeck account..

I expected the language thing to be a huge barrier, but it's not been that.  Terry and I have gone into stores and bought towls, pillows, food all that..  with no problems.  We've had to work at it for a while, but nobody (including the guys at the pub last night) got iritated or upset or any of that.  Most people even go out of their way to figure out what you're saying or want.  I'm getting more comfortable with going out on my own to shop or whatever too. 

I am starting to learn a little Czech, the few required things.. Yes, No, Hello, Good Day, Thanks, Check Please..  One of the benifits of the company I'm going to work for is they offer Czeck language classes after work for free.  (The company has people from all over.. America, Czeck, Ukrane, Philipean Islands, England..)  So, hopefully.. I'll end up learning at least one new language out of this as well.  :)

This trip to Europe has been very different from my last vacation over here.  That time, I didn't really work to fit in.  (Learning the language, pay attention to money, or things like that.)  This time over here it's very different.  I'm in one place (SMALL town..) working with the people.. kinda hard to avoid it.  :)

And, the people here have been amazing.  Everyone has been friendly, open and gone out of their way to help me fit in.  Last night, Terry and I were invited over to the apartment of some of the guys from the office.  Mark fixed some amazing steaks (several of them.. he just took a cooking class.) We watched The Bank Job, I fell asleep a couple of times during the movie (I had a beer and 1/2 glass of wine with dinner..)

So far, it's been a great time.  I'm looking forward to going to work and living here for a while.  We are getting an extra futon for the common area of the apartment.. everyone is invited.. as long as the couch is open.  :)

Enough for now, more later.

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I flipped the switch yesterday, and didn't use any core sleep. So it was my first day on the full uberman schedule. (20 minute naps every 4 hours.. 2 hours of sleep in every 24. Or.. 22 hours of consciousness in every 24 hours.)

First a little about what's happened since my last update. I've continued with taking my polynaps ever 4 hours for 20 minutes. (Dropped back from 30 minutes to 20 - made a difference. Not waking up as tired.) I have been doing about 3 hours of core sleep per night with no problems at all. (If the full uberman thing doesn't work out, I'll fall back to this.. it's a beautiful thing.)

The move to 1.5 hours core didn't go so well. The biggest reason was that I wasn't getting up when the alarm went off - and going back to sleep. The other was that I was skipping naps or pushing them too far out. Since I wasn't all that tired at 1:00a this morning.. I made the final decision to jump to the uberman schedule.

As far as yesterday went, no problems.. I wasn't really tired at all until right before my naps. Then it wasn't a crash out tired, just ok - I'm ready for my nap tired. I am 99% sure I dreamt in each of them and they all seemed like they were hours long. (Both very good signs.) I've also read that the 3a-4a time frame is the worst - and that's usually when crashes happen. Not me.. it was weird. I got up at 1:20 or so, fixed a bowl of cereal, read email, browsed around for a few, played Second Life for a while.. never really feeling tired at all.

I showered and went to bed for my 5:00a nap. After that (ALMOST overslept - didn't get up right when the alarm went off..) headed down here to the office. Last week, I worked the 4a-2p schedule. Paul thought I should be here more hours when everyone else is.. SO - I'm now trying a 4-10 hour days per week schedule. 6a-4p, MTWT. Personally, I'm looking forward to having all 3 day weekends from now on. :)

I've cleaned more around the house in the last few days than I have the entire time I've lived there. I'm also starting to unpack things now that I've got the time. :) Some other things on my to-do list: Building a huge telescope from a sonotube, home automation stuff w/ Mr House, robotics, walking/riding bikes.. updating my live journal..

Oh well.. enough for now. Back to work. :) (BTW - 24*365*95 = 832,200. I intend to see the year 2100. :)

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Or at least I'm calling it that. When I started this, I expected having to take a week off work to jump to polyphasic sleep all at once. However, I had an apifany one morning a while ago - this is a lifestyle change. So, start with the naps now.

That was a couple of weeks ago. Before I started this, I was averaging around 7-8 hours of sleep per night. There were times during the day (more days than not..) that I was tired, really tired. After I started with the naps every 4 hours, I didn't feel as tired during the day or at night. I ended up moving back to about 6-6.5 hours of sleep per day.

I did that for a week or so.. and then Saturday happened. I decided to move to 4 hours of what's called core sleep. (Basically.. one large nap of 4 hours - usually during the night in place of normal sleep.) I did that, then we headed down to Louisville to look at motorcycles. I drove down and back. I was a little worried by that, but it worked out ok. Suprisingly I really wasn't tired during the day, that is until we got back to Paul and Katie's. Then, like a lightswitch it hit me.. headache and my stomach wasn't quite right. I was TIRED.

We took off to see Elmo with Andy. I managed to drift in and out of sleep on the drive from Fishers to the Murat. After that 20 minutes of sleep I was amazed - completely refreshed. We went to Ball Park Pizza after the show and then back up to Paul and Katies no longer even thinking about sleep. Basically, I went the whole day with about 4.5 hours of sleep. Problem was.. I was beat, and not doing well when we got back. I ended up sleeping over my next nap and ended up with about 10 hours of sleep on Sunday. (I woke up, but chose not to get up.. and fell back asleep.)

Monday and Tuesday I ended up back at the 6 hours (4 of that was core) of sleep for the day. That went great, not tired at all.. Then today (after reading the uberman group archives on Yahoo..) I moved to 3 hours of core sleep. I wasn't sure what to expect, but went ahead with it. I took my naps at 1 (3 hours core), 5a, 9a, 1p, 5p, 9p and now I'm waiting for my 1a (core) nap. All day today, I wasn't at all tired. At no point was I thinking I need a nap.. like I used to when sleeping monophasicaly. There was ONE point today (right before my 1p nap..) that I closed my eyes and thought I could really sleep. It was naptime.. so I did.

SO.. bottom line here's why I call it a success even if I never go any further.. At 6 hours of sleep per day, that's 2 extra hours of spare time. I can do 6 hours with absolutely NO effort at all.. and the best part is that I'm wide awake the whole day. Instead of running up and down the scale throught the long day (wide awake and full of energy in the morning and tired ready for bed at night..) I'm now wide awake the whole day.. None of this tired and getting ready for bed stuff.

Moving to 3 hours core sleep (total 4.5 hours per day..) hasn't been at all difficult either. Like I said, I wasn't at all tired today at all (very different than the other saturday.) It's 12:23pm right now, and I'm about to head off for my 1a (core sleep) nap - I'm ready for it, but I don't NEED it. I think I could go on with a 25 minute nap - no problem.

SO.. the plan is, to do 3 hours core sleep over the weekend and move to 1.5 hours core on Monday. (BTW - 3 hours and 1.5 hours are those times because they match up with the 90 minute REM cycles of normal sleep.) Then I'll do 1.5 hours all next week and when I don't have to worry about work any more (I'll make up some comp time during the week and take Thrurs (poss?) and Friday off..) I'll drop the 1.5 hours of core and go fully polyphasic. From what I've seen so far, I don't think this will be at all difficult.

Ok.. now the down side. Talked briefly with Katie tonight, and she brought up the only real problem or issue that I can come up with. The schedule isn't practical. I don't see it as that big of an issue.. so far, I've not had problems with naps. (If I drive on the Southern Honda trip, someone will cover for me 30 minutes every 4 hours - I'll be fully polyphasic by then.) It's something to think about, but not that big of an issue. (I don't seem to have any problem shifting naps by a couple of hours.. we'll see how that continues.)

The other thing to mention is side effects. I've read about a few.. but really only experienced one. When I read about it, I thought WTF? It was completely un-epxected. Lately I've become very sensitive to cold at night. I've had to turn the thermostat up (normally it's 66 during sleeping hours.. but even the 68 of evening is too cold.) I now keep it at 70 degrees when I'm here. I had the shower cranked WAY up this morning just to feel comfortable. Was weird.

Some other observations.. twice now, I've gotten up (from core sleep..) and it's still dark out. This moring was amplified because I watched the sunrise out my office window. It was just really weird to have showered, made a few stops on the way into work, worked for a while.. then see the sun come up without being tired or ready for bed. I'm looking forward to what I've read about losing the definition of a day.

I've gotten more done in the last couple of days on some of my personal projects than I have in the last few YEARS. Today for instance, I was up at 4:00a, at work by 6:00a. I left work at 3:00p, stopped by Fry's. When I got home, I put some memory in a computer and started a CentOS install. As that was finishing, I took my 5:00p nap. Katie called shortly after I woke up and I went over for dinner and to play with Andy. When I got back, I went back to that computer. I finished up the install, cleaned things up, put the case back together.. Now, I'm posting a new LJ entry.. and about to head off to bed.

Another thing that I'm looking forward to.. and I'm starting to feel it - I'm more relaxed. For instance - I used to get things to 90% and move to something else because I felt I didn't have time. It was working, but there was some clean up to finish with... Well, lately I've felt relaxed and able to put in the last 10% without feeling like I need to hurry and get onto something else.

Ok.. enough for now. Time to watch a few more minutes of Who's Line and then it's off to sleeply land.

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Yesterday was completely uneventful as far as sleeping goes. I took my naps, over slept on 2 of them. (Bed is BAD! Get up when the alarm goes off!) I did stay up late last night - I went to bed about 2:00a. (The night before I pushed it to 1:00a.) So, I'm slowly pushing back.. The plan for tonight is a nap at 11:30p when I'm done with bowling. Then bed at 3:00a.

Today, I slept pretty well during lunch. I woke up in the middle of my nap, then managed to get mostly back to sleep before I had to get up. One thing I'm noticing about the naps so far, my mind isn't settleing down very well. Lunch nap that wasn't quite as noticable.

Tonight, I took a nap before bowling. This nap was different, took a little less time to get to sleep.. but not that much. I was OUT, no clutter when trying to get to sleep. The unexpected part was that I had a dream during this nap. I wasn't really expecting to have any REM sleep until I really started restricting my sleep. So far, I'm under by an hour or two and that's it.

Not only was I rewarded with a dream, but it was a lucid dream. I was pushing my Honda around (picking the back end up like a wheelbarrow from the back..) trying to get past some big holes. I parked my car in the driveway and when I got out, I found Darth Vader and Lord Sideous running around my car fighting. At that point, I said.. I'm dreaming. :) So, I used the force and picked up a car and threw it at Lord Sideous. A few minutes later, the alarm went off and I woke up. I felt completely refreshed and in a great mood - which is still there..

With the whole going slow thing, I had figured I'd just get used to sleeping at those times and not really reach REM sleep until I had stopped normal sleep (forcing my brain to adjust and enter REM quickly.) If this contines, and I reach REM most of my naps tomorrow.. I'm probably going to flip the switch and give it a try tomorrow night for over the weekend.

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It's been a while since I've updated. Problem is nothing interesting ever happens. (I know, that's my fault.) This'll give me something to write about for a while anyway.

I'm going to give myself 6 hours of free time every day for my birthday. It also sounds like a fun experiment - Polyphasic Sleep. (Wikipedia - also there's plenty of information on the Internet about it.) Quick basic info - I'll be sleeping 20 minutes out of every 4 hours from now on. That means about 2 hours of sleep per day.

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Oh.. I also made my bed today. What I thought about was weird.. if all goes according to plan, I'll not have a bed to make in October. (Will be declared a success in 6 months.. if it works that long.)

Oh well.. off to watch Corpse Bride.

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Today was weird. I woke up this morning dreaming. I don't remember what it was about the first time around, but then I went back to sleep. I went back to sleep then was dreaming again when I woke up. This time around, I remembered. I was dreaming about being with the family. Grandma Rowley was there with us and we were playing cards. I got mad when I lost and threw down my cards. (Just like I used to do a long time ago.) The other weird part of the day was mom called during the meeting. She left a voice mail when I didn't answer the phone. There seemed to be some concern in her voice when I listened to it. I tried to caller her back and it was busy followed by two RNAs. Come to find out, they were gone and she had some problems with their DSL.

I was a little late getting into the office. We went on into the WOT operations meeting. After the meeting, i t was back to the office for a while. Paul and I took off for our newest pop. (We had some issues to work out.) After that, we headed back up to the office. After some short work on email and talking, we took off.

Chris, Dan, Paul and I headed over to Saham's (after taking care of the dogs) for dinner. I ate more then I really should have, but had a light lunch and goldfish for breakfast. So, I was bad.. but not that bad. So, we'll have to see if we lose weight - probably not though. We talked about some plans for different things at the office. After dinner, we headed back to Paul and Katie's. Short dog walk and then down to the basement.

I'm back here at the house, watching The Simpson's relaxing and getting ready for bed.

Oh - I did call the University of Phoenix. My credits from ITT will transfer over there. I did check with IUPUI, and they don't take transfers from UofP or ITT. Makes me wonder about the credits from UofP - will they be worth anything? Could they be transfered anywhere? So, I'm going to talk with IUPUI about going back there. I guess I also need to figure out an eventual goal for learning. Is it just a BS to be able to get a decent job? or do I want to go further? Actually, I can answer that one: I want to go further. So, I guess that answers that question. We'll see what IUPUI has to say tomorrow.

This episode of the Simpson's is hilarious. So many little jokes here and there. Oh well.. 20 minutes of laughter and then it's off to bed.

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I've been lazy and haven't made any entries last week. I spent the week over at Paul and Katie's taking care of the dogs. (They're on vacation.) That was fun. I slept in the guest room up there and the dogs slept on the futon with me. One night, Hannah was in a playful mood. Timmy wasn't happy with it, and I was encouraging it.

I built a new box to take over for Pluto. (My main public server - email, web and storage.) I also ordered a gig hub, GBIC and some cards. :) (I'll have Gig-e from my laptop to the server.) Need to go in early some time in the next few days (to install the new firewall and this box.)

Had the monthly meeting last week. Larry and I went down. On the way back, we tried to stop by the Lost Name Saloon. They were closed. We're not sure if it was permanent or a temporary thing. Disappointing, stopping there has become a standard. Larry and I stopped at Texas Roadhouse on the way back up. I haven't talked that much in a long time. We talked about flying, IQuest and a bunch of other stuff.

Bowling sucked. We only took 2 points. My first game was probably the worst of the year, second was well above average and the third was average.

I didn't do much over the weekend either. Saturday I went into Penn Station for lunch, as always - very tasty. One of the guys came out and sat down with me for a while and we talked. (I've talked with him off and on before. He's cute and I had a minor 'dar hit from him a long time ago.) He mentioned his girlfriend. While, it's a disappointment I guess it's also a relief.

It also reminded me of my youth. He was bragging about breaking into computers and knocking people off line and all that. (I had told him where I worked.) He also talked about some things that I certainly wouldn't have said anything about. Mostly seemed like he was trying to impress me or something?

So, what's my point? I guess just thinking about how different I think I am now? How even though youth is more attractive, it's not what I really want. Dunno.

Saturday night I cleaned up the house. (There was a possibility that we would be having dinner here at the house and I wanted it to look good.) Something I should have done a long time ago. I think I'll start taking a day a week and unpacking and cleaning up.

Mom, Ryan and the two girls they're fostering came up for dinner on sunday. She wanted Mongolian BBQ. Dinner was great! When I got back here to the house, I did some laundry.

I've been driving the honda quite a bit the last few days. It seems to have lost some of it's power. I'm hoping it's just that it needs a tune up. I'm going to take it in sometime this week.

Today (monday) I managed to get quite a bit done on the spam levels task. (Users will be able to select how aggressive they want the tagging to be - simply adjusting the threshold that SpamAssassin tags at.) I should probably have it done tomorrow or wednesday? After work, I came up here to the house and I've been mostly just watching TV.

I've really not had much motivation in a while. Working on that program at the office was fun today. I need to get back to riding the bike and exercising I have more energy and motivation then.

Oh well.. that's enough for today. Time to finish watching Dune then it's time to head off to bed.

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