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Last week.. - Tom's Journal
Tom's Journal
Last week..
I've been lazy and haven't made any entries last week. I spent the week over at Paul and Katie's taking care of the dogs. (They're on vacation.) That was fun. I slept in the guest room up there and the dogs slept on the futon with me. One night, Hannah was in a playful mood. Timmy wasn't happy with it, and I was encouraging it.

I built a new box to take over for Pluto. (My main public server - email, web and storage.) I also ordered a gig hub, GBIC and some cards. :) (I'll have Gig-e from my laptop to the server.) Need to go in early some time in the next few days (to install the new firewall and this box.)

Had the monthly meeting last week. Larry and I went down. On the way back, we tried to stop by the Lost Name Saloon. They were closed. We're not sure if it was permanent or a temporary thing. Disappointing, stopping there has become a standard. Larry and I stopped at Texas Roadhouse on the way back up. I haven't talked that much in a long time. We talked about flying, IQuest and a bunch of other stuff.

Bowling sucked. We only took 2 points. My first game was probably the worst of the year, second was well above average and the third was average.

I didn't do much over the weekend either. Saturday I went into Penn Station for lunch, as always - very tasty. One of the guys came out and sat down with me for a while and we talked. (I've talked with him off and on before. He's cute and I had a minor 'dar hit from him a long time ago.) He mentioned his girlfriend. While, it's a disappointment I guess it's also a relief.

It also reminded me of my youth. He was bragging about breaking into computers and knocking people off line and all that. (I had told him where I worked.) He also talked about some things that I certainly wouldn't have said anything about. Mostly seemed like he was trying to impress me or something?

So, what's my point? I guess just thinking about how different I think I am now? How even though youth is more attractive, it's not what I really want. Dunno.

Saturday night I cleaned up the house. (There was a possibility that we would be having dinner here at the house and I wanted it to look good.) Something I should have done a long time ago. I think I'll start taking a day a week and unpacking and cleaning up.

Mom, Ryan and the two girls they're fostering came up for dinner on sunday. She wanted Mongolian BBQ. Dinner was great! When I got back here to the house, I did some laundry.

I've been driving the honda quite a bit the last few days. It seems to have lost some of it's power. I'm hoping it's just that it needs a tune up. I'm going to take it in sometime this week.

Today (monday) I managed to get quite a bit done on the spam levels task. (Users will be able to select how aggressive they want the tagging to be - simply adjusting the threshold that SpamAssassin tags at.) I should probably have it done tomorrow or wednesday? After work, I came up here to the house and I've been mostly just watching TV.

I've really not had much motivation in a while. Working on that program at the office was fun today. I need to get back to riding the bike and exercising I have more energy and motivation then.

Oh well.. that's enough for today. Time to finish watching Dune then it's time to head off to bed.

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