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Interesting and unexpected. - Tom's Journal
Tom's Journal
Interesting and unexpected.
Yesterday was completely uneventful as far as sleeping goes. I took my naps, over slept on 2 of them. (Bed is BAD! Get up when the alarm goes off!) I did stay up late last night - I went to bed about 2:00a. (The night before I pushed it to 1:00a.) So, I'm slowly pushing back.. The plan for tonight is a nap at 11:30p when I'm done with bowling. Then bed at 3:00a.

Today, I slept pretty well during lunch. I woke up in the middle of my nap, then managed to get mostly back to sleep before I had to get up. One thing I'm noticing about the naps so far, my mind isn't settleing down very well. Lunch nap that wasn't quite as noticable.

Tonight, I took a nap before bowling. This nap was different, took a little less time to get to sleep.. but not that much. I was OUT, no clutter when trying to get to sleep. The unexpected part was that I had a dream during this nap. I wasn't really expecting to have any REM sleep until I really started restricting my sleep. So far, I'm under by an hour or two and that's it.

Not only was I rewarded with a dream, but it was a lucid dream. I was pushing my Honda around (picking the back end up like a wheelbarrow from the back..) trying to get past some big holes. I parked my car in the driveway and when I got out, I found Darth Vader and Lord Sideous running around my car fighting. At that point, I said.. I'm dreaming. :) So, I used the force and picked up a car and threw it at Lord Sideous. A few minutes later, the alarm went off and I woke up. I felt completely refreshed and in a great mood - which is still there..

With the whole going slow thing, I had figured I'd just get used to sleeping at those times and not really reach REM sleep until I had stopped normal sleep (forcing my brain to adjust and enter REM quickly.) If this contines, and I reach REM most of my naps tomorrow.. I'm probably going to flip the switch and give it a try tomorrow night for over the weekend.

Current Mood: happy happy
Current Music: Bowling alley sounds