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24 down and 832,200 to go. - Tom's Journal
Tom's Journal
24 down and 832,200 to go.
I flipped the switch yesterday, and didn't use any core sleep. So it was my first day on the full uberman schedule. (20 minute naps every 4 hours.. 2 hours of sleep in every 24. Or.. 22 hours of consciousness in every 24 hours.)

First a little about what's happened since my last update. I've continued with taking my polynaps ever 4 hours for 20 minutes. (Dropped back from 30 minutes to 20 - made a difference. Not waking up as tired.) I have been doing about 3 hours of core sleep per night with no problems at all. (If the full uberman thing doesn't work out, I'll fall back to this.. it's a beautiful thing.)

The move to 1.5 hours core didn't go so well. The biggest reason was that I wasn't getting up when the alarm went off - and going back to sleep. The other was that I was skipping naps or pushing them too far out. Since I wasn't all that tired at 1:00a this morning.. I made the final decision to jump to the uberman schedule.

As far as yesterday went, no problems.. I wasn't really tired at all until right before my naps. Then it wasn't a crash out tired, just ok - I'm ready for my nap tired. I am 99% sure I dreamt in each of them and they all seemed like they were hours long. (Both very good signs.) I've also read that the 3a-4a time frame is the worst - and that's usually when crashes happen. Not me.. it was weird. I got up at 1:20 or so, fixed a bowl of cereal, read email, browsed around for a few, played Second Life for a while.. never really feeling tired at all.

I showered and went to bed for my 5:00a nap. After that (ALMOST overslept - didn't get up right when the alarm went off..) headed down here to the office. Last week, I worked the 4a-2p schedule. Paul thought I should be here more hours when everyone else is.. SO - I'm now trying a 4-10 hour days per week schedule. 6a-4p, MTWT. Personally, I'm looking forward to having all 3 day weekends from now on. :)

I've cleaned more around the house in the last few days than I have the entire time I've lived there. I'm also starting to unpack things now that I've got the time. :) Some other things on my to-do list: Building a huge telescope from a sonotube, home automation stuff w/ Mr House, robotics, walking/riding bikes.. updating my live journal..

Oh well.. enough for now. Back to work. :) (BTW - 24*365*95 = 832,200. I intend to see the year 2100. :)

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