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Tom's Journal
Tom's Journal
Woke up early this morning and took care of the dogs. I headed over to the house, showered and took off for the office. I was in there shortly after 8:00a. Problems with credit cards today. (Actually, they've been there for a while.. but I wasn't doing anything about them.) We had trouble getting ahold of IEA, but finally got it solved about 6:30p.

I also wrote the rest of the bandwidth display stuff for the wireless stuff. Very cool little box showing percentage of utilization. Very cool. Chris and I ran up to Quizno's for lunch today. I came back up here to the house about 5:30 or so. When I got here, I talked with Dale from IEA for a while. (So.. for those of you that are counting, I'm up on the week. :)

Headed back to the house and did a load of laundry. Now, I'm back up here with the puppies about to head off to bed.

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Friday night

The strangest thing happened to me tonight.. I'm not even sure what started it. I had this sudden and uncontrollable urge to read a book. Not just any book either - it had to be "The Richest Man in Babylon." (Don't ask what started it - the only thing I can think of is Doomed Generation. I think it was around the last time I watched that movie that I read it the first time?)

So, I spent the first half of the next hour searching through boxes at the house. When I didn't find it there, I spent the last half of the hour at Meijer trying to find it. I didn't though.


After taking care of the dogs, I went back to the house and showered. Then it was off to lunch - Mongolian BBQ. That was probably the best meal I've had there. Appears the trick is to put the oil on last. (After the sauce and the crushed red peppers.) Wow, that was good. I had a runny nose by the end of it. Yum!

I headed down to the office after that. I wanted to get the wireless stuff up and going. (I told Mike that I'd probably have it done sometime this week - last week.) So, I made it. I also made up for some time that I missed (last friday - I left about the normal time even tough I was late. Then monday I left about the normal time while again being late.) I'm quite pleased with myself too. :) I managed to solve a big looming problem that really did have me worried. I had a huge memory leak in the perl daemon. At this point, that appears to be plugged. It now no longer grows when you login to check status. (Used to almost double in size each time you logged in.) I also got the web page done. Very cool. Still need to get the stats stuff up and going, but that's another day.

I came back up here to Paul and Kaite's. After servicing the dogs, I went out for dinner. McDonald's. Quite tasty. Then I watched "The Lost Boys". Great movie. Didn't remember Michael being as cute as he was. Wow.

While I was out today, I did stop and pickup that book. I read it off and on the rest of the day. While I was at it, I bought two copies. I think I'll give the second to Kelli.


Timmy let me sleep until almost 8:00a this morning. It did require calling him up on the bed and scratching for a while. I took care of them and headed over to the house. I showered and laid down for a while. Kelli took off for Mom and Dad's. (I skipped it so I could take care of the dogs tonight.)

Lunch today was at Penn Station. Quite tasty. I was going to stop by Radio Shack to get some parts for the truck, but decided to take the Honda out and get it all cleaned up and ready to go. (I still need to take it into the dealer to have them look it over and make sure everything's okay with it. I also need to get the oil changed.)

Driving around in the Honda all day was fun. I had forgotten how the contrast between the two makes each of them feel more like what they are. Going from the Honda to the truck accentuates the "BIGNESS" of the truck. Going from the truck to the Honda makes it feel small and sporty. Much fun was had today.

For dinner, I fixed a huge heaping helping of Hamburger Helper, slimy white slice and a batch of burnt (or properly cooked - depending on who you ask) chocolate chip cookies and milk. VERY good. Fitting for the start of on-days tomorrow.

I'm back up here at Paul and Katie's. Timmy is laying down at the end of the couch and Hannah is laying down at my feet. I think they're both wondering why the TV's off and we're not headed up to bed yet. (Just finished that book.. a thought for a new value/goal - try to plan things more and follow the plan. ie - huge project, plan it out and stick to it. Putting money away and all that.)

Speaking of which, my last paycheck in December I put $100 into my savings account. I left it as $100 per paycheck until just a couple of checks ago. I bumped it up to 10% of my pre-tax income. I've got a little over $1k in there now.. and it's been slightly over a month, I'm looking forward to what's going to happen. Which brings me to the other piece of this. We started our 401k plan at IQuest about 2 years ago. My most recent statement shows that I'm up to $3200 or so in there. Who would have though that $40 ever two weeks would have added up like that.

I started putting that money aside before I read this book - should have done it long ago.. if I had started in 2000 I'd probably have close to $50k in the bank by now. I did notice while reading that I'm doing quite a few of the things in that book, surely from the last time I read it.

Oh well.. enough of that. Time to watch a little television and then head off to bed so I can get up and go to work tomorrow.

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Wednesday night

Paul and I took a dinner flight up to Vince's in Muncie. We took off from Mt. Comfort (MQJ) and flew up to Muncie. After dinner, we flew back and did the downtown tour. (VIDEO!) On the way into Munice, I did the VOR 20 approach. Paul was giving me direction on descent and planning and all that. I was having trouble keeping up with the approach. I need to practice!

This time around, everything worked. I got some very good video of Indy at night, audio turned out good, and the GPS got a good track log of the entire flight! I pulled the video and audio into Final Cut. I also pulled the track log into MacGPS. The author claimed it would play back the track log in realtime (I was going to use Snapz to take a video of it.) Then I can overlay the video of my approach and downtown with the GPS track log in real time. :)

I had trouble exporting the video to Quictime. The audio worked great, but the video seemed stuck on the first frame. Haven't had time to get back to it yet.. hopefully some time this weekend I'll get it dumped out and posted.


Bowling.. We took all 8 points tonight at bowling. The second game was a little on the close side. After bowling, it was bed time. I was beat.


Chris called before I left for work, he was calling about the Kolache Factory. It's a good thing too, I was going to stop there on the way in. That hit the spot. I ended up not going out for lunch today, was going to leave at the normal time today (even though I was a little late getting in.) I didn't leave until about 5:30 or so anyway.

I headed up to Paul and Katie's to take care of the dogs. We had a short walk, I fed them and then another short walk. After that, I headed back down to my house. I went though the mail, watched some TV and took a nap. About 9:30p I ran up to Penn Station for dinner.

I'm back here at Paul and Katie's watching some TV and playing with the dogs.

Oh yeah, Chris did send me a link to a salary web page. From the looks of it, I'm about 10-30k below where I should be. Sigh. (BTW - Not a surprise.)

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Kelli and I took off for mom and dad's pretty early - around 11:00a or so. We stopped by McDonald's on the way down for lunch. I spent most of the day working on their laptop. I got Windows installed and all their stuff is up on the server. (I put a server in last weekend - samba and it will also be an ssh tunnel terminator when I get the new box at 2500.)

Dinner was pretty good, mom made apple cinnamon creme brulee. Very tasty. Dave requested that I make Tiramisu next weekend.

We were pretty much ready to take off about 8:00p like normal, but didn't get outta there until at least 10:30p. We were giving mom a hard time for being thrifty. That was great. I haven't laughed that hard in years!

We stopped by Steak-n-Shake for a midnight snack then it was off to bed.


Stopped by the Kolache factory on the way in this morning. Other than that, mostly just worked all day and that was it. I was late and ended up taking off about the normal time. (Paul needed a ride home.) He fixed Paul steaks for dinner. They were most excellent. I came back to the house after a short dog walk - laundry was calling. I did laundry and that was about it.


I was late again today, but stayed late enough to cover it. We had the WOT manager's meeting today. I finished up the tasks from that meeting today (wednesday.) Lunch today was at that nasty disgusting gyro place.

My cable came in today. I ordered that cable from another supplier who said it was on back order (and has been for almost 2 months!) They also screwed up and charged my credit card twice. Now, I need to go back and dispute those charges.

I stopped by Penn Station for a quick dinner. (Wanted to do the install.) When I got up to the house, I installed that cable. It took about 15 minutes or so. (Ripped off a couple of covers on the console and the dash - then took out 4 screws. No biggie.) It sounds much clearer - doesn't have the muddy sound when the music gets busy. Next is to build another box to mix the sound from the ham radio in with the XM radio. :)

After that, I balanced my check book. (I was missing my september statement.) SO, I did 4-5 months of statements. I've still got a few transactions that never showed up. Weird. Then it was off to bed about midnight or so. (Early for the last few days. :)

Oh yeah, I also ordered a new rack mount case and power supply. I'm putting together a new co-lo box. (It will take the place of pluto.sneaky.net.) It will do mail, web, gallery, streaming video and ssh tunnel termination. Kinda looking forward to getting it on-line.


I woke up dreaming this morning, but I don't really remember what it was about. I was in the office by about 8:20a - very early for the last few days. If I work late tonight, it'll cover for monday (then I need to cover friday. :) We just finished up with the WOT operations meeting.

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Wednesday - Jack's house

I don't remember too much about work.. nothing really stands out. Lunch was at Some Guy's Pizza. Wow, that was tasty. Far too small (still trying off and on to be good.) The hostess was.. um.. strangely attractive. When we left, I think it was Paul that made the standard commentCollapse ). Wow.

As far as the on-days thing.. I've been mostly good for the last couple of days. Mostly good.. isn't completely good. I've not stepped on the scale since the other day. I'll start in earnest late next week. It's really hard to be good when you go out to eat.

After work, Paul and I headed over to Jack's house. He had his basement re-done and bought a bunch of AV stuff. He wanted help getting it all hooked up and working. That was fun. I've always preferred making things work to just using them. We started by hooking things up with what we had. Then it was off to dinner, and a stop by Best Buy. We headed back and got everything all hooked up. After that, it was back here and off to bed.

Thursday - WINGS Seminar

After work, Chris Paul and I all headed down to Columbus (KBAK) for the Wings Seminar. They covered spatial disorientation. They were also doing a study about spatial disorientation. They asked attendees to describe any situations they'd personally experienced or heard about. Up to that point, the closest I've ever come is that feeling that you're turning when your flying on instruments. (I get the feeling that I'm turning - even though all the instruments and Brad even says we're flying flat and level.)

After the seminar, we stopped at the Sirloin Stockade. I ate WAY more than I should have. I was miserable, but the bread pudding was worth it. Wow.

Friday - Dinner flight

Tonight was our dinner flight. I've been looking forward to this for days. Every since we first talked about it. It's been so long since we've all taken a dinner flight. Even better, we had a big group of people going. (3 planes - 6 people.) Also, I had the cam corder and MP3 player all ready to go.

I took off from the office and headed up to Terry. I flew out of Terry because they had a brand new Cessna 172SP with downlinked weather and "all the good stuff." We looked at the weather a few times, but it never really did show much. (Not much going on around us.) It took forever to do the pre-flight. I walked from the plane back to the car (2-3 minute walk..) once for my backup flashlight and the other time was for a pair of gloves. I was out of there about 6:45 or so.

I flew down to Eagle Creek to pickup Brad. We took off and I went under the hood about 20 minutes later. When we took off, we flew due east then down around the east side of down town. (Very good flight path for sight seeing.) Brad took a few pictures as we flew by, I don't know if they'll turn out though. I was under the hood until we "broke out" over KLEX. My ILS approach was pretty good, but got worse as I got closer.

Dinner was amazing. The bread was the right kind, and they brought out some ranch dressing. Next time - No caesar salad. I had a blackened ribeye and a baked potato. Only problem was the steak was about 10 seconds over done. Finished off with a small piece of cheese cake. YUM! Definitely worth a return trip.

When we got back, the guy from the FBO helped us de-ice the planes. He went WAY out of his way for us (and ended up not charging us anything. - Paul did give him some money though.) We took off and headed back up north.

I was back under the hood shortly after take off. I wasn't paying that much attention and didn't have the throttle all the way in. So the return trip took a little longer than it probably should have. We were on with ATC the whole way up and down (except for hand offs and all.) I did a touch and go at KIND (GPS 32 approach.) Those GPSs are pretty cool for approaches. Once you get them loaded up. Again, I got a little squirrelly during the last minute or so of the approach. We touched down and were off again.

Last was vectors to the localizer approach at Eagle Creek. That was the last landing of the night and it was around 2:30a. About 2-3 minutes before touch down I started getting way out of whack. I landed, dropped Brad off and headed back up to Exec.

Once I was down, I realized that I was a complete dumb ass. NONE of the video came out. First off, I forgot to change the battery - so 1:51 into the flight it shut down. Secondly - I didn't take the lens cap off. DUH! I really wanted a shot of my downwind for 18. There seemed to be much more than the 7 knots reported wind (report was from Metro 10-15 miles away.) I went back around the pattern again. This time, with the camera running and the lens cap off. Pretty cool, I was about 30-40 degrees off the runway to stay even with it. I'll post the video at some point.

As for the whole evening and recording it. I'm disappointed. The MP3 recorder died about 20 seconds after I turned it on at LEX. (I'm guessing batteries. Next time - fresh batteries after 2 hours. That should do it. Especially if it's after a stop.) The camcorder was completely my screw up. The pictures of downtown really didn't turn out well. I did get a picture of the hobbs meter - showing 27.8 hours! (Brad said that I've set two records with him in the last two flights - lowest time on an airplane and lowest OAT -13 degrees.)

This flight also counts as my long cross country IFR flight. So, that's cool. We practiced precision flying most of the way back up. I finally noticed that the VSI was off by 25-50 feet per minute and the attitude indicator was off by 1-2 degrees or less. (About 1/3rd of the arrow and the bar on top.) I didn't notice all that until we were on our way back up. I have a picture of the gauges with me flying (NO AUTOPILOT!) and they're all perfect and more importantly they're all stable.

I also stopped messing with the plane. I noticed the same thing when I watched the video from the last IFR lesson. I tend to seek back and forth. (Think about doom and how the screen used to go back and forth when you'd run.) Tonight, I found the zero point on the attitude indicator and just left it there. Seemed to work much better.

That reminds me - I was doing amazingly well on the first 1/4 of the ILS into LEX. I said something to Brad about waning a picture of the CDI. It was perfectly centered on the ILS and glide slope and completely stable. Brad's comment was "We've got a long way to go yet." :)

All in all - a very LONG night and a very tiring night. Paul did point out the next day that we may have been a little low on fuel when I got back to Exec. Thinking back about it, I'm not sure we were as low as I thought when he first mentioned it. I had 4.2 hours on the hobbs. (4.2*9gph = 37.8 gallons.) The plane was completely full when I started and we did lean out the mixture up and down, so.. it may not have been as bad as I though. Even worse is that I didn't even think about fuel on the way back or even when I went around the pattern that extra time.

When I was back off from IND and climbing out, I seemed to be having issues. (Remember the spatial disorientation from thursday night?) I was REALLY busy at one point (my flying was good and I was keeping up but I was spread thin.) I had to keep watching the gauges and telling myself - THEY'RE RIGHT! Do what they say.. it felt like we were in a 20-30 degree turn. I even asked Brad if I was leveled out. Very uneasy feeling. Guess I have something to write about on that survey now. :)

I came back here to the house and went to bed. I was really tired. I wonder if fatigue had anything to do with my last approach in to KEYE? Probably.

Saturday - Not a thing.

I didn't do a thing today. Well, I kinda did. I woke up late and showered. Lunch was at Penn Station. I tried running down to Best Buy or Circuit City to get a new cable/dsl router for mom and dad. I bailed because of traffic. I came back up to the house.

I spent the rest of the day working on Jennifer's computer and mom and dad's laptop. I have to say - I am amazed with Knoppix. It works. (Slowly - but it does work.) I booted their boxes (Windows 98 and Windows XP) with it. It saw the network I used smbmount to mount jupiter's drives and copied stuff off. No config - it even came up with X on the laptop. (Since it runs off the CD - it's SLOW, but it does run.)

Now, it's time for bed.

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I really slept in this morning. I was dreaming when I woke up, but I don't remember what it was about. It was dragging on. I showered and headed into the office. I wasn't in there until almost 10:00a. I got the wireless stuff rebuilt and this time the web server runs ok. (I was having problems getting apache, mod_ssl and mod_perl to work together. It was difficult because the perl had to be multi-threaded. It kept crashing because of a weird error about rcmdsh and an unknown user.)

Lunch was at Qdoba. It was decent and more importantly, it was quick. We went to the WOT manager's meeting when we got back. It too seemed to drag on. (But that's not what I was dreaming about.) Spent the rest of the day working on that damed wap system. I was getting irritated with it, it was pissing me off.

I took off for the house and the Planning Committee meeting. We were able to leave the meeting early because they announced that our issue had already been continued. When we got back, I said hi to the dogs and headed back to the house.

Today is day number two of on days. Yesterday, I lost a little over 6lbs. Wondering about tonight and if I'll lose anything. I suspect with yesterday, I won't. Well, that's cool - I lost another 1/2 pound today. (Usually after a day like yesterday I go back up slightly and almost never continue to lose.) Only another 140 or so pounds to go.

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I had trouble sleeping last night. My stomach was pissed at me all night and most of this morning. I think it was the pizza from last night. It was a last meal basically. So far today, I've been good. I just had a bowl of cereal a few minutes ago, but I still think I'm a little under on points for the day. Oh well.

Because of not being able to sleep, I was in the office fairly early (around 8:15a or so.) Spent most of the day rebuilding the iqwap box. I wasn't happy with the apache/perl install. (I manually compiled perl to get threads compiled in, instead of figuring out how to make the port do what I wanted.) I went back and re-installed and now have reinstalled the perl5.8 port and apache. So, tomorrow I'll finish up writing up the web interface and move on.

I ended up having lunch there so I could leave early. I took off about 4:20p or so. When I got up here, I had a bowl of cereal and then took a nap. (Way too tired from last night.) When I woke up it was about 9:15p. I was STARVING. Quick trip to Marsh for some dinner. (I need to make a run to the store to stock up.. later though.)

When I got back, I ate and now I'm watching Bicentennial Man. I really do like this movie. There's something about movies that show the entire life of someone or something. Like Andrew. Seeing him grow up and others around him die. Seeing him discover things.. seeing the relationships.

Ok.. back to the interesting things (since I'm going to be up for a while. Naps are both good and evil.) My number 2 value/goal - my family and friends. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I try to do things to help them and take care of them when I can. I also try not to do things that will hurt them.

Number 1 - "I value myself." I value myself and making sure that I am happy and have all that I want. I get a lot of stuff about this one. Some people seem to think this means that I value myself to the exclusion of others. That's certainly not the case.

Ok, so that's all of them. Time to re-think things and decide if I need to re-arrange things or not.

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Waited too long to do this..


I don't remember much about work from friday. Lunch was at Wendy's. Paul and I ran up there for a quick close lunch. I took off around 6:00-6:30p - I think. On the way back up to the house, I stopped by the Apple Store. I picked up Final Cut Express.

When I got back here to the house, I started playing with FCE. I'm quite pleased. I captured the instrument flight from last weekend. After some editing and positioning, the audio and video are all in sync. I was up pretty late.


We went to bowling on saturday around 2:00p. The rest of the day I mostly messed around the house and played with FCE. I did pretty well at bowling. (Certainly much better than thursday night.)

At this point, I've got a DVD made with chapter markers and all the good stuff. :)


I tried writing out a DVD today, but the asset encoding took too long. I had to cancel the burn. Hopefully, the DVD-R will still be writable later tonight. (I'm going to let it run over night tonight.)

On the way down to mom and dad's, we stopped by Penn Station for lunch. When we got there, I started working on the computers. The DSL router that I got from IQ is not going to work. It doesn't appear to be changing back to PAP authentication. So, I'll take something else down there next weekend.

I took my video camera down and my still camera. Ryan wanted to take some pictures of his RC car. He spent most of the day filming and taking pictures. I helped him and showed him how to get some good shots and all. Before we took off, I wrote out a CD with the pictures and the video that he took.

On the way back up here, we stopped by Mozzie's for a pizza. Quite tasty. I also did a quick load of laundry. It's getting to be bed time as well.

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I had the coolest dream this morning right up to the point that I got pulled over. I was driving around Paris. I started out at a light and beat some guy off the line. There was traffic, and I had to slow down and move over. I chirped the tires a little. Some gendarme noticed me. I was already past him, but using hand signals told the ahead of me to pull me over. About the time I got stopped, I woke up..

I didn't make it into the office until 9:30a, but there was NO traffic in the way. :) I spent most of the day working on the wireless stuff. I actually feel like I got something done today. It's now fully functional. (You still have to telnet in to login, but it works.) I'm working on the web page redirect stuff now. I came up here to the house and watched a little TV before Paul picked me up for bowling.

Lunch was a bag of popcorn today. I was going to try to be good. I made it up until dinner. Steak-n-Shake is not on-day food. Then I had a thing of nachos and a coke at bowling. Oh well, I still ate less than I usually would have. So, it's wasn't quite an on-day.. but it wasn't and off-day either.

My first game at bowling was great, the second and third SUCKED. Oh well, we ended up losing all 8 points. Dan stopped by and watched us loose. After that, it was back up here to the house. I'm watching some TV before I head off to bed.

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I went to bed last night about 11:00p. I was beat last night. Of course, since I went to bed early.. I woke up about 3:30a. I was dreaming, but managed to get back to sleep. I woke up right before the alarm went off, dreaming again. (I don't remember what it was about though.) I allowed a re-sleep and didn't wake up until 7:30a. AAHH - a full 8 hours of sleep.

I didn't make it into the office until about 9:10a. (Of course, I was late for the ops meeting.) That meeting (just like the ones from yesterday) seemed to just drag on. (Chris commented about this later too..) Spent most of the afternoon working on some problems that RJ is having with Emerald.

Lunch was at Sunrise Cafe. it was pretty good, but the service sucked. I ended up staying at the office until pretty late. (I was playing around with the Mac.) Paul called about dinner, but there wasn't time for me to get up there. (He called when they were 3 minutes from leaving.)

I stopped by Penn Station on the way back and then Marsh. I am going to start on-days tomorrow. So, I guess that was a last meal? (That's why I'm quite full right now.)


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